Wireless Uplighting

Allow Bryan George Music to transform your ballroom with any color you’d like with our wireless LED uplighting.  Our state of the art uplighting systems operate completely wirelessly!  For our clients, this means no unsightly wires and no taping endless amount of cable down to the floor.  It also provides you with the flexibility to put uplighting ANYWHERE you’d like, and even move it with ease throughout your event.

Because our wireless uplighting is LED, our lights don’t produce heat.  This is an important consideration if young children will be at your event.  Unsurprisingly, children are attracted to uplighting like a moth to a flame.  PARCan lighting, which has been used for ages, can get extremely hot to the touch, which makes them dangerous for obviously reasons.  Our wireless LED uplighting stays cool to the touch, no matter how long they’ve been on.

Bryan George Music combines artistic excellence, professionalism, and experience to make your special occasion one to remember for the rest of your lives.

For more information regarding booking and rates, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 202.345.6695 or via our Contact Page.

Wireless LED uplighting will be a great addition to your:

Wedding Ceremony
Enrich the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony with a bold or understated color that will transform the room.

Cocktail Reception/Hors d’oeuvres
We find that amber is a great color for cocktail hour spaces. It creates a relaxing feel and provides a beautiful backdrop.


Taking up essentially no space at all, our wireless LED uplighting will surround your ballroom with vibrant color, all while the equipment is virtually invisible to your guests.

Corporate Event

Uplighting adds just the right touch to all kinds of corporate events.  We over 30 colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect color to encourage exactly the type of energy you’re trying to achieve.

Holiday Party

Greens, Reds, Whites, & Blues! Make your holiday party one to remember with any color you choose!  Whoa, that rhymed.

Grand Openings

Really wow your customers with eye-catching accent lighting and watch the line go out the door!

Real Estate Open Houses

Present a warm, elegant and inviting atmosphere that will surely impress your potential buyers.

For more information regarding booking and rates, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 202.345.6695 or via our Contact Page.