Do you have a written guarantee?

Yes, we back up our promises in writing. Not only do we guarantee that a professional, well-dressed DJ will arrive at least one hour prior to the beginning of your event, but we guarantee that Bryan George Music Services fulfills every aspect of your contract with the highest quality. If not, we’ll give you your money back. Of course we understand you don’t want your money back; you want the best entertainment possible at your event, with no hiccups along the way. Bryan George Music Services takes this responsibility seriously.

What kind of backup plan do you have if my DJ is sick on the day of my event?

We pride ourselves on our reliability. We have a variety of talented and capable DJs on our roster, and our web-based information system makes it easy to transfer all the details of your wedding from one DJ to another. Additionally, Bryan George Music Services has an extensive rolodex of professionals in the industry. We assure you that if something highly irregular occurs that prohibits your originally scheduled DJ to be present for your event, we will absolutely provide you with a qualified substitute.

Do you have references?

Of course! We provide all of our clients with a list of recent, extremely satisfied customers who gave us permission to use their names and contact information. We encourage you to contact them, and you’ll see how happy they were with Bryan George Music Services.

What kind of music do you play?

Bryan George Music Services boasts a music library of over 100,000 songs. We play popular music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today. From Motown, Oldies, Classic Rock, and Country to Pop, Top 40, Reggae and Hip-Hop. We play a little bit for everybody and our DJs are always paying attention to the crowd. We’re very flexible and will always let the client ultimately decide what is played.

What if we have volume concerns?

During cocktail hour, the volume of the music will be just loud enough to recognize, but not loud enough to make it difficult to talk to people. During dinner, we pay attention to how your guests are interacting and if they’re leaning in to speak to one another, we know to adjust the volume.

If you do not have one of our pre-requested songs, do you require that we provide it?

Before your event, we will run all of your pre-requested songs through our system. If by chance we don’t have one of your pre-requested songs, we will obtain it at no cost to you.

Do you have liability insurance?

While we have never had a situation where any of our equipment has damaged property or caused any injury, Bryan George Music Services has liability and property insurance that will protect our clients during all of our events.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use specially designed DJ software (Serato Scratch Live) to perform for your event. While we have the ability to play CDs on-site if needed, all of our music is digitally formatted. This means you never have to worry about CDs skipping.

In terms of sound and microphone equipment, we only use high-end, name-brand equipment (Bose, JBL, QSC, Shure). These companies are the standard for the industry and provide a full and balanced sound for your event. Our featured speaker, the Bose L1, is most often used as a wireless satellite speaker for clients looking for a sleek, high-quality speaker system for their wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

How do I get a quote?

Quotes for weddings and other events vary depending on a variety of different factors. You can receive your free quote by simply filling out our quote form. You can also call us at 202.345.6695 and we can answer any pressing questions.

What is your DJ style?

We provide elegant music for dinner and cocktails. Bryan and the team are trained to orchestrate incredible dance sets that seamlessly transition from song to song. Your DJ will always arrive wearing a classic, black suit with a tasteful, non-flashy neck tie. If requested, we are happy to wear a tuxedo for black tie events.

All of our DJs are very comfortable on the microphone, and are often asked to do bridal party introductions, introductions for the welcome toast, toasts during dinner, the first dance, etc. Aside from making such announcements and introductions, our DJs will not be on the microphone.

Why Hire Bryan George Music Services?

When you reserve your date with Bryan George Music Services, you’re hiring more than just a DJ service. We set the standard for professionalism in the industry. You simply will not find a more competent, talented, polite, well-dressed DJ for your special day. We provide your event with high-end, state of the art sound equipment and take the necessary steps to not only ensure your timeline runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Do you take breaks during the event? How does that work?

Our DJs never take any official breaks, no matter how long your event is. Should your DJ need to step away for a moment, he is trained to only do so only during the portions of the evening where his direct assistance is not needed (during dinner when no toasts are scheduled, etc.). Any time that your DJ is not at the DJ table, music will play continuously until he returns.

What does your standard wedding reception package include?

Our standard package assumes that we are only providing music services for the cocktail hour and/or wedding reception (dinner & dancing) in one room. Typically, this means 4 hours (reception only) or 5 hours (cocktails and reception). Your standard package includes 2 speakers, 1 sub-woofer, and a wireless microphone. Be sure to ask about our wireless speaker options if your wedding requires music in multiple rooms/areas, or if you’re expecting more than 150 guests.

Can I submit a “Do Not Play” List?

Absolutely. The usual suspects are typically on this list: The Chicken Dance, Mambo No. 5, The Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, etc. Our style is never to play these songs unless you specifically ask us to, but you’re more than welcome to provide us with an additional list of music you want to be sure isn’t played at your event.

What other services do you offer?

While we do not recommend these add-ons for weddings, they are very popular for holiday parties, birthdays, school functions, etc.

  • Dance Lighting
  • Laser Lighting
  • Disco Ball
  • Fog Machine
  • Bubble Machine
  • Party Favors